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I've just signed up for the reddit Secret Santa 2014. Anyone else doing it?
Untitled by MarioLuigi96
All JStar19000 wanted for his birthday was some chocolate, and while I could certainly buy him some, I'm not sure If I could throw it all the way over the Atlantic Ocean, so I drew this instead.

Sorry It's late, but It was a real bitch to edit on GIMP, and I was so tired after work yesterday I couldn't draw properly, so I finished it today.

I'm aware It kinda looks like a cartoon character took a dump on the words 'Happy Birthday', but it's meant to be a bar of melty chocolate...

Anyway, hope you had a good day yesterday Justin.
Some songs are short. Some aren't.

My question is, what are your favourite songs that you'd consider as long?

A few of mine are:

:bulletgreen:Racecar by Periphery (15:21)

:bulletblue:The Czar (10:54) and The Last Baron (13:00) by Mastodon

:bulletgreen:Absolution by Mendel (25:00)

:bulletblue:Smile by David Maxim Micic (9:35)

:bulletgreen:Lore Of Lies by Lorelei (12:14)
'Five More Minutes...' by MarioLuigi96
'Five More Minutes...'
This picture was WAY too cute not to post. This is my cat, Jasper, in one of the rare moments where he isn't being an annoying shit.

Seriously though, you can't NOT love him. He's a little dim compared to our other cat, but that just makes him all the more endearing. He also has a funny high-pitched meow, almost as if his voice hasn't broken yet :D
The last one I bought was the self-titled album by Killer Be Killed, on CD.

It's pretty much as good as I thought it'd be. Not mid-blowing or anything, but very good nonetheless. The different types of vocals work very well with each other, and the balance between melody and heaviness is handled fantastically. Also, Troy Sanders. :B

So, what about everyone else? Bought any cool music recently?
Hey everyone, I'm back with another list of songs, and this time, I've tried to make it a little simpler than before. I've tried to keep the description of each song down to just a few genres (but some need more), unlike my first list. If you check it out, you'll notice the list looks a little messy 'cause I went into a lot of detail about what genre each song was. I doubt many people are going to bother reading this thing anyway, but I like stuff to be organised well.

If you look at the list, you may notice some songs have the genre listed as "???". This was where a band has so many genres, or sounds so weird, I just shrugged and put some question marks. Listen and decide for your self you lazy fucks! :XD:

Anyway, enjoy, and stay metal! :horns:

Link to first list:…

"Melodeath" =  Melodic Death Metal
"Tech." = Technical
"Prog" = Progressive
"Alt." = Alternative

:bulletblue:Power Metal:bulletblue:
Gloryhammer- Angus McFife (Power Metal)
Powerwolf- Resurrection By Erection (Power Metal)
Dragon Eyes- Symphony Of Tyrant (Power Metal/Melodeath)

:bulletred:Death Metal:bulletred:
Carcass- The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills (Melodeath)
Unhuman- Chaotic Equilibrium (Tech. Death Metal)
Konkeror- I, Monolithic (Death Metal)
Cannabis Corpse- The Inhalation Plague (Death Metal)
Disfiguring The Goddess- Phantasmal Tempest (Death Metal)
Dethklok- I Ejaculate Fire (DETH METAL)
Xul- Tomb Of Tyrants (Blackened Death Metal)
Forceps- Transmutation Of Internal Organs (Death Metal)
Flesh Consumed- Harvesting Humans (Brutal Death Metal)
The Project Hate MCMXCIX- We Watch In Silence As The Earth Turns To Blood (Industrial Death Metal)
Bloodbath- Iesous (Death Metal)
Endless Chaos- Sacrificial Ritual (Death/ Thrash Metal)
Malignant Mist- Drowning In Hollow Saints (Prog Death Metal)
The Black Dahlia Murder-  Goat Of Departure (Melodeath)
Ghoul- Destructor (Thrash/Death Metal)
Prosanctus Inferi- Nuptial Hymens Burst Forth Slave Carrion (Black/ Death Metal)
...Aand?- ...What Is Wrong With Your Face?... (Death Metal/ Grindcore)
This Is Turin- Rev 2.1 (Death Metal/ Metalcore)
AGHAST!- We Fear Silence (Death/Thrash Metal)
Reprisal- Scream Run Trip Die (Death/Thrash Metal)
Amputated- The Local Flavour (Death Metal)
Blister Germinal- The Sculpture (Death Metal)
Sentenced- Ways Of The Wicked (Death Metal)
Xerath- Reform Part III (Symphonic Prog. Death Metal
Bull-Riff Stampede- Central Embodiment Of Evil (Death/ Thrash Metal)
Amon Amarth- The Pursuit Of Vikings (Melodeath/ Viking Metal)

:bulletgreen:Progressive Metal and Djent:bulletgreen:
Astral Display- Energetic Human Body (Djent)
Ten Cent Toy- Time In Memorial (Prog Metal)
Seethe- Final Cry (Prog Metal)
Arkks- Your Synced (Instrumental/ Djent)
From Earth- Perfect Storm (Prog Metal)
Angel Vivaldi- A Venutuian Spring (Instrumental/ Tech Metal)
David Maxim Micic- Smile (Prog Metal/???)
Periphery- Feed The Ground (Prog. Metal)
Aeolist- II (Prog. Metal)
Brutai- Flood (Prog. Metalcore)
Alaya- Entropy (Prog Metal)
Oceanis- Brotherhood (Prog. Metal)
The Antiquity- I Am Reborn (Prog. Metal)
Twelve Foot Ninja- Ain't That A Bitch (Prog. Rock/ Metal)
Meshuggah- The Hurt That Finds You First (Prog Metal/Djent/ Death Metal)

:bulletorange:Electronic Metal:bulletorange:
Beyond All Recognition- Legends (Deathcore/ Dubstep)
Crossfaith- Photosphere (Electronicore)
Nockshus- Delirium (Dubstep/ Death Metal)
Amyst- We'll Play With Fire Ants Until Water Floods The Mound (Synthcore)
Drumcorps- Botch Up And Die (Death Metal/Breakcore)
Igorrr- Remixou Morbidou (Death Metal/ Breakcore)
WHOURKR- Arithmetic Punishment (Death Metal/ Breakcore)

:bulletblack:Heavy Metal and Traditional Metal:bulletblack:
Scare Tactics- Drunk Fuck (Heavy Metal)
Mordecai- Method In Your Madness (Heavy Metal)
The Sword- Cloak Of Feathers (Heavy/ Doom Metal)
Grand Magus- Trimuph And Power (Heavy Metal)
Ghost- Year Zero (Heavy Metal/ Rock)

:bulletpurple:Other Metal:bulletpurple:
Mastodon- High Road (Prog/ Sludge Metal
Iced Earth- Among The Living Dead (Thrash)
BABYMETAL- Megitsune (J-Pop/ Metal)
Ovid's Withering- Oedipus Complex (Symphonic Blackened Deathcore/ Prog Metal/ ???)
Machine Head- Locust (Groove/ Thrash Metal)
DevilDriver- Oath Of The Abyss (Groove Metal/ Melodeath)
Chthonic- Quell The Souls In Sing Ling Temple (Symphonic Black Metal)
Sand Aura- The Sand Aura From The Land Of Nod (Prog/ Symphonic Metal)
Benighted Soul- Start From Scratch (Symphonic Metal)
Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavours- Wrecking Ball ft. Nicki Lee (Pop/Metal)
Second Rate Angels- Dragged Out (Metalcore/ Heavy Metal)
Aenimus- Pressure (Metal)
Conan- Hawk As Weapon (Doom Metal)
Exmortus- Slave To The Sword (Thrash/ Melodeath)
Centiment- Three Laws Of Neurotics (Metal/ 8-bit)

:bulletyellow:Metalcore and Deathcore:bulletyellow:
Aversions Crown- Hollow Planet (Deathcore)
Delusions Of Grandeur- Theatrophy (Deathcore)
Signal The Firing Squad- Inearthed (Deathcore)
Behold The Beginning- Gooferdust (Deathcore)
Bury Tomorrow- Watcher (Metalcore)
Bullet For My Valentine- Hit The Floor (Metalcore)
Butcher Babies- Magnolia Blvd. (Metalcore/ Groove  Metal)
Boris The Blade- Malevolent (Deathcore)
Black Tongue- Waste (Deathcore/Beatdown)
The Hell- Step It Up (Hardcore/ Deathcore)
Suicide Silence- Unanswered (Deathcore)
Upon A Burning Body- Texas Blood Money (Deathcore)
Lorelei- The Mortal Immortal (Symphonic Blackened Deathcore)
Lifeforms- The Ones (Djent/Deathcore)
The Devil You Know- Seven Years Alone (Metalcore)
Assemble The Chariots- Engulfed By Sun (Symphonic Deathcore)

SiM- KiLLiNG ME (Synthcore/ Punk)
Tally Hall- Ruler Of Everything (???)
Cancer Bats- Old Blood (Hardcore)
Cynic- Kindly Bent To Free Us (Prog. Rock)
Doujah Raze- Deathwatch (Hip-Hop/ Rap)
†††- Bi†ches Brew (Electronic Rock)
Mario Galaxy Orchestra- Theme Of SMG2 (Classical/ Game Music)
Royal Republic- Tommy Gun (Rock 'n' Roll)
Shinji Hosoe- Bluebird Lamentation (Game Music/ Electronic)
Within Temptation- Dog Days (Rock)
Cream- Ballroom Blitz (Glam Rock)

If anyone wants any recommendations, just ask me!

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